The IEEE SIGHT Kerala Section is pleased to announce the formation of its first-ever Research and Development (R&D) team. This is a crucial turning point in the section’s history as it strives to become a leading Centre for cutting-edge technological research and innovation. 
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today (29/04/2023) was the testament of IEEE Kerala Section SIGHT 's ceaseless endeavour to build a better, beautiful and bountiful world


Thank you all for making our F2F a massive success and for creating a memory that we all will never forget

Problems Hub
SIGHT Volunteers, Government Officials, Enthusiasts, Activists and Social Workers irrespective of any banner they can post a problem they find, which deals with the basic human necessity.
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Educational Hub
Multitude of sessions, hands-on workshop, and learning materials on Technical and Managerital domains made available for everyone.
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Solutions Hub
Any SIGHT Group or IEEE Working groups can involve themselves in formulating solutions for the previously mentioned problems. The methodology will be mentored by IEEE SIGHT Kerala Officials for further procedures.
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I believe that exchanging ideas and building on the work of others is the best means of improving our own capabilities. This website of the Kerala Section must strive to fulfil the need for interaction among like-minded persons in the humanitarian arena. I hope this portal will be a model openSource portal for other Sections to follow.

Mr. Amarnath Raja
Founder Chairman IEEE SIGHT



Underserved communities around the world are able to benefit from technology as they seek sustainable solutions to development challenges.


The Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) program is a network of IEEE volunteers around the globe that partner with underserved communities and local organizations to leverage technology for sustainable development.


  • SIGHT focuses on sustainable solutions that make a long­ term difference in the lives of people.
  • SIGHT operates through local volunteers and partners working with local communities.
  • For SIGHT, success is only achieved through partnerships, starting with the community and extending to government organizations, NGOs, schools, hospitals, companies, and others.
  • For SIGHT and its volunteers to be both effective and sustainable, continuous training and education is essential.